Pamela Hurwitz Natural Art

Trained in fine art at Wimbledon Art College & Camberwell School of Art, Pamela works from her studio in West Sussex where she has spent the last thirty years living on the edge of the Ashdown Forest: a major source of inspiration for much of her work. 

Her other great inspiration is the rugged beauty of the Cornish Landscape and twice a year she retreats to Cornwall to walk and create. 


Her passion for nature, Cornwall and the forest has been greatly influenced by her father, an Architect who taught her to observe the simplicity and the magnificence of the natural world . Cornwall based Sculptor/Carver Peter Welsh, has also played an important role by providing endless inspiration and encouragement as well as feathers and antlers seen within the work. Other influences include artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Cesar Manrique. 

About the Work

The work itself is a simple celebration of the innate beauty of nature's objects and reflects the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi - the appreciation of impermanence & imperfection.
Pamela uses those objects that appear to have been discarded within the nature cycle of life. Shed Skins, feathers, antlers, forgotten nests, shells, deer skulls and other natural finds are presented and often displayed using tree trunks, pieces of metal and glass containers. We are reminded that in life and death nature has eternal qualities.

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